Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Upgrading to Windows 8.1

On my Dell machine at work, I had no choice to use Windows 8. My plan was to remove Windows and use Ubuntu. And install Windows as a virtual machine. Thanks to Dell, it's not possible...
So I dual boot using grub.

Anyway, because Windows 8 was crashing once a week (especially when the computer was idle), I decided to try Windows 8.1.

The process to upgrade to Windows 8.1 is easy, but you should know that after all files are downloaded, you have 15min max before the computer restart!
Then it takes around 30 - 40min to install everything.

No problem during installation, Windows starts ... and I was not really satisfied...
First thing I noticed is that the language is in Japanese and I can't switch to English... Ok, I will set it to English again, as I did before. Oh surprise! There is no option to download the language pack... Fortunately I could find this thread on the Social Technet forum:
Language Pack not usable message in Windows 8.1

Here is what you should do (in case the link is broken):
Download the new 8.1 MUI:
Rename the file to LP.mlc and double click it to install it.

I'm glad it worked!

Good, I can start working, let's connect to the VPN... boom error. I have to re-install OpenVPN.
Ok done. Now let's start VirtaulBox... boom error. I have to re-install VirtualBox.

After 90min, I could start working... (and I didn't fix grub yet...)
Not as smooth as I expected. After 2 days, my PC didn't crash. I hope it will continue to work correctly.

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