Sunday, August 10, 2014

Raspberry Pi for beginner - Part 1: buy

Here I will talk about my project to setup a Raspberry pi.
I'm myself a beginner, and I hope these posts about my project will help other people.

My goal

  • use Raspberry Pi as a media center
  • control XBMC with my Android phone or Android tablet

 What is a Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi is an index card-sized single-board computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the intention of promoting the teaching of basic computer science in schools. (Wikipedia)

What do I need?

  • raspberry Pi B+
  • power supply
  • micro SD card
  • case
  • wifi dongle
  • HDMI cable 
  • external hard drive

How to get everything?

  • raspberry Pi
After a quick search on the forum, many people recommend Amazon.  And yes, I could find one on Amazon Japan for 5400yen.
  • power supply
I don't need to buy one now, I will use my Nexus 5 USB cable. It delivers 5V, 1.2A, and that should be enough.
Please take the time to read this FAQ to know how much power you need.
  • micro SD card
For 1140yen, there is one on Amazon Japan. I choose 16GB, which is kind of big, because I will use a external hard drive. The price is not so high anymore, so why not. If you read this thread, someone said that "the Pi is always in non-UHS mode".
  • case
I saw some nice case here:
On Amazon Japan they cost 4600yen! Original price is 12.95GBP -> 2200yen.
I can get it ship for 6GBP. So total is 18.95GBP -> 3200yen.
  • wifi dongle
From Buffalo WLI-UC-GNM2. On Amazon as well for 922yen. I saw on the Web, a Japanese guy using this one for his Raspberry Pi.
For a complete list, have a look here.
  • HDMI cable
I already have a spare one.
  • external hard drive
I already have one LaCie 3TB with its own power supply.


The total for all of that is around 10,600yen excluding the cost of an external hard drive, power supply and hdmi cable.

 In part 2, I will show the pictures once I receive everything !

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