Friday, July 29, 2011

Adding Syntax Highlighting to Blogger

How to add syntax highlighting to Blogger ?

I couldn't find a better way than this website :
That helped me a lot !

Android Mini Collectibles

*2011-08-09 The figures that I'm talking about are fake! Please read the comments

Today I'm not going to talk about software problem.
I want to talk about the Android Mini figures. I bought some and I'm not totally satisfied by the finishing.
Of course if you look at the official website (Dyzplastic) it looks very nice. And I think 80% of the time it is nice.
But here are some "bugs" that I could see.

1) Head
As you can see on the picture, there are 2 Reactor, but the one on the left has some strange stain on his head.

2) Paint
This looks like the painting was not done correctly

3) Dirty
This other Albino looks dirty (not as white as the other one)

4) Glue
The box opened by itself from the bottom. Cheap quality glue...

Well, the price of these figures is cheap but I was expecting something better from Google.