Sunday, February 20, 2011

SQLiteDatabase created and never closed

When I'm using my application and I can see this error in the LogCat tab :

02-17 17:20:38.556: ERROR/Database(434): Leak found
02-17 17:20:38.556: ERROR/Database(434): java.lang.IllegalStateException: /data/data/databases/xx.db SQLiteDatabase created and never closed

Well, at first I thought it was because of my cursors. So I decided to check every cursor and close them all after having done with them.
But I still got the same problem.

So in fact, it's just that for every activity (onCreate) I was opening a connection to the database, but I never closed it.
So the solution was to close the connection in each activity:

protected void onStop() {

And that's it !

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