Friday, June 11, 2010

ruby - windows7 - mysql

So I tried to install Ruby on Rails on my windows 7, but it was strange...
First, I followed this tutorial -­>

1) I installed Ruby on my C:\
2) I installed Gem on my C:\
3) I did gem install rails, but it says it needed other gem (activesupport, rack....)
Strange... So I downloaded each missing gem and did gem install rack-1.0.0.gem
Then I could install rails!
4) I installed mySQL and NetBeans.

but impossible to create table (db:migrate), and suddenly I have a blue screen...

In fact there was 2 problems.
1) The drive C:\ is kind of protected for writing (Vista & 7). I uninstalled Ruby and installed it on D:\.
After that, when I did gem install rails, it worked like a charm.

2) I couldn't create tables because mySQL5.1 doesn't like Ruby very well. So you should download a latest library. For more information, please see -­>

And that's it!

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