Wednesday, October 29, 2008


In this blog I'll talk about the problems I had to face during my work.
I'm working for the industry of software development since 2005 as same time as I'm studying software engineering in Canada. I worked for 4 different companies.
First one was as an intern, only for 4 months. It's a small company, around 10 employees, I did some JSP, Java and Javascript.
My second experience was in a department of a university, we were a group of 12 peoples. I did mainly Java for 2 years as intern, part time and full time.
My third experience was in a consulting company, around 43 employees. I did some C++, C# and Biztalk.
Finally, my current work (as intern) is in Tokyo. We are 9 full time workers plus some part time students. I'm coding in Ruby (and use the framework Rails).

The purpose of this blog is to expose all the problems I faced during my work and the solution.
I'm doing this blog because many time I looked for a solution on other blogs, and that was useful! So maybe, who knows, my blog could be useful to someone.

So currently, all the post will concern Ruby and Rails.
Link for Ruby :
Link for RoR :

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