Thursday, July 30, 2009

update rubygems

I tried to update rubygems on CentOs but could not.
First, I asked help to my friend Google and found this site:
It worked well on one computer but on another one I had this error:
in 'report_activate_error': could not find RubyGem session (>= 0) (Gem::LoadError)

I tried many things until I realized that "session" is actually a gem!
So let's do:
gem install session

Another error "could not find RubyGem hoe-seattlerb..."
So let's do:
gem install hoe-seattlerb

Same error with "hoe". But this one is tricky, because hoe need rubygems > 1.3.1, but to install rubygems 1.3.5 we need hoe!

in `report_activate_error’: Could not find RubyGem hoe (>= 2.3.0) (Gem::LoadError)

gem install hoe
ERROR: Error installing hoe:
hoe requires RubyGems version >= 1.3.1

I tried to do (wihout success):
gem install rubygems-update #by default, it installs the latest version which is 1.3.5 now

The problem is in version 1.3.5! First remove all rubygems:
gem uninstall rubygems-update

gem install rubygems-update -v 1.3.4

#Then you can install hoe
gem install hoe

I lost so many hours for this stupid mistake...


owen.thomas said...

thanks for the info, you saved me a lot of time.

all the best.

ZsoltK said...

found your post via Google and it works perfectly. Thanks for the info, best wishes :)

Orsolya said...

Great!! Thank you!

apeiros said...

Thanks a lot for saving my ass :) (or saving me a lot of time)javascript:void(0)

Michael Pabst said...

WOW. I was getting really nervous until I found your post. Thanks!

Hector Parra said...

I was under the impression I was using 1.3.2, but I was still using 1.2.0 on Mac OS X Leopard. Thanks a million!

G Kh said...

Thanks a lot for the post. It helped me a lot!

Dalf said...

wow I'm happy I could help out:)

KTR said...

Thank you for saving me a pootload of time!!

michelson said...


verborghs said...

How could I overlook that session is a rubygem :)... same problem but on Debian

Alexandre Piccolo said...

tks a lot! after tons of errors and tests and google and posts - and getting more and more irritated because of the same problem (as you describe...) - I finally found the solution here! again, tks!